Monthly prepaid rate offering recharge service in the JuicePass network for € 9.99 / month.


The rate includes 35kWh / month, the Endesa X card (for new registrations) to be able to start and stop the charging sessions in cases of limited cell coverage or without using the Smartphone as well as the option to reserve recharging points (in those points where technically possible). Once the 35kWh included has been consumed, each additional charging session until the following month will have a price of € 0.35 / kWh in the case of DC charges and € 0.30 / kWh for AC charges. This rate is activated with the subscription and is automatically renewed every month, at the same day. The updated value of the monthly kWh threshold and the monthly fee can be consulted in a specific section of the application. The kWh included in the rate and not spent within the current month are not accumulated for the following month.


In the event of a product change to any other rate, the change will be effective within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) hours following the time of the request with the application of the conditions of the new selected rate and the volume of kWh available for the the recharge will be the one corresponding to the new contracted plan (the kWh of the monthly rates not spent during the subscription cycle of the active rate before the change are not transferred to the new contracted rate).


The prices indicated have VAT included.


The conditions and prices of this rate may vary with current promotions. The legal bases of the promotions will be available at www.endesax.com