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Terms and conditions public recharge fee


Prepaid monthly fee to use the Endesa X Way charging point network for €9.99/month.


This fee includes:

  • 35kWh bundle / month, renewable each month, on the same day of the month that was activated the first time.
  • RFID charging card (only for new subscriptions) to be able to identify yourself at the charging point in cases of limited mobile coverage or without using the Smartphone.
  • Charging points reservation availability to ensure that charging point is free upon arrival. Functionality only valid in some charging points.


Out of bundles charging session until the next month will have a price of €0.45/kWh in the case of DC chargers up to 350kW, €0.35/kWh on DC chargers up to 60kW and €0.30/kWh on AC chargers.


The kWh bundle consumption can be checked in My Account section within the app. Non consumed kWh included in the fee won’t be accumulated for the next month.


 In the event of changing the product to any other fee, the change will be effective within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) hours after the request of changing. Conditions in the new selected fee and the volume of kWh available to recharge will be the one corresponding to the new selected fee (kWh of the monthly fees not consumed during the monthly billing cycle of the active fee before the migration won’t be transferred to the new selected fee).


 Prices with VAT included.


The conditions and prices of this fee may vary due to current promotions. The legal bases of the promotions will be available at www.endesaxway.com


By accepting these terms and conditions, you activate your subscription to the "JuicePass 35" fee.