"It's like piloting a fighter." The MotoE Revolution, by Fonsi Nieto

"It's like piloting a fighter." The MotoE Revolution, by Fonsi Nieto

“Matteo has been a very steady racer. Being less fast than others, such as the British Bradley Smith, he has managed to prevail in a championship shorter than that of MotoGP,” he explains after congratulating the champion. He reminds him of Scott Redding.

“Winning a championship is very difficult. Matteo has made a great year in a new category where it is a challenge to adapt in such a short time”. Will there be a Spanish MotoE champion soon? Fonsi is optimistic. "We have Spanish racers with a great record, such as Sete Gibernau, twice runner-up in the world championship and thirty podiums in his MotoGP record." In such a new category, it is too soon to make any predictions. However, next year will be full of surprises.

What will the next season be like? After this first year, teams and racers will be adapting their motorcycles, technique and riding, Nieto claims. “You have to get used to a motorcycle without gears, electric, which makes no noise. The power delivery is very different from a gas motorcycle. It takes time to learn, we have to become comfortable in the category,” he emphasises.

Fonsi Nieto is impressed by the interest generated by MotoE. He has noticed it in Cheste, where he has been continuously having his photos taken and signing autographs for his fans. With the warmth of the public and the support of a brand like Enel X, he is sure that it is the competition of the future. Only one year of filming and everything is yet to be built. “It still has a long way to go and to improve. It is something completely new for everyone: for racers, for m echanics... None have worked before on anything similar. We will see the category grow very fast,” he concludes.

Fonsi Nieto knows what he is talking about. He lived himself the revolution from the 250cc championship to the Moto2. “At that time, moving to four-stroke motorcycles, with new rules, was to go into a completely different world. Imagine now in MotoE, in such a new category… Everything that could happen 10 years from now!”

MotoE: like piloting a fighter

Fonsi Nieto has lived in the flesh the adrenaline of MotoE. He got on a motorcycle in the Aragon circuit and still remembers the feelings while riding on these machines. “The motorcycle makes some noise, not as much as in GP. It is a very unique noise, like that of a fighter. It is a very beautiful sound,” he recalls.

“After so many years in Moto2 and MotoGP, you find the sound weird, with that engine brake, with that different behaviour. Racing at 200 kilometres per hour with that particular humming surprises you at the beginning.” He sums it up in a very graphic way. "It's like you're on a sailing boat at 200 kilometres per hour!"

As you are not surrounded by the deafening noise of the gas motorcycle, the MotoE racer enjoys more the physical feelings of the motorcycle sliding down the asphalt. As a union between speed and wind.

“In gas motorcycles I had never had the feeling of listening to the air within the helmet. You can't imagine the noise the air makes inside a helmet! In a MotoGP you wear earplugs to avoid noise and you don't perceive anything inside the helmet. Now, with the electric motorcycle you hear the rear brake when you block, the tire when you skid… You can hear all that!”

“Young people are making us getting our act together. Zero plastics and electric mobility”

Tomorrow's world will move differently. Fonsi Nieto is already thinking about changing cars and is sure about his choice: it will be a plug-in hybrid. He loves the Range Rover Sport PHEV. Electric mobility is a common conversation among friends and family. His cousin and also racer Gelete Nieto, son of Angel Nieto, already drives an electric BMW and has told him about its benefits. "He is so happy; he has strongly recommended it to me."

“I think everyone is realising that if you live in a city, this is the future and everything goes in that same direction. I had my doubts about autonomy and I am still looking for information. In Cheste, I have been able to see and test the Endesa X charging points, with ultrafast technology, and it is obvious that this is the future ”.

As with the MotoE, he feels the same way about electric vehicles: he is fascinated by the fact that they have still a long way to go and to improve. “Aesthetically you see them and they look like concept cars, they are pure technology and avant-garde art. We are seeing in them the car of the future. Ten or fifteen years ago, you didn't even think about it.”

In addition to design and mechanics, the commitment to electric mobility responds to an awareness of the risks for the planet. Fonsi Nieto collaborates on environmental projects and loves to see young people so aware. “The traditional companies have two options: adapting to what is coming or becoming obsolete. People want products without plastics that do not contaminate. Young people are making us getting our act together. Years ago, we didn't even realise it. We are late, but we are on the right path".

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