Juicepass, Endesa X's app for managing the recharging of your electric vehicle with your mobile phone in our network of public recharge points and in your own JuiceBox.

Endesa X is leading the final push towards more sustainable mobility thanks to the strong investment in its public access infrastructure plan. With the commitment to install more than 8,500 recharge points by 2023.

JuicePass is an Endesa X electric vehicle recharging service which allows the use of one of the largest public electric vehicle recharging networks. 

What can one do with JuicePass?

  • See all available recharge points on the map.
  • Search for the best route to reach the selected recharge point.
  • Start and stop your recharges.
  • Track the energy supplied to your vehicle.
  • You can pay for the recharges in the application directly, associating your bank card.
  • Get to know first-hand the new recharge points installed.
  • Receive notifications related to your recharges.
  • You will have a history detailing your recharges.

In addition, among its great features, we highlight:

  • By using the app, you can book the recharge point for 15 minutes.
  • You can also access all the points without registering, although you will get access to more advantageous rates, promotions and more features if you sign up.

If you have an electric vehicle or are considering purchasing one, JuicePass is the app that best suits you to recharge your electric vehicle however you want. By downloading the app to your Smartphone, you can access the entire public access recharge network in Spain, both those managed by Endesa X, as well as those of other operators with whom we have interoperability agreements as well as the recharge points in the rest of Europe managed by Enel X. 

Download JuisePass app onto your devices  Android & iOS.

Endesa X JuicePass

You will have access to all the detailed information about the recharging point, prices and access times. Moreover, you will be able to monitor the details of your recharges in real time and access your recharge history and invoices.

JuicePass allows you to recharge at all public access Endesa X recharging points, as well as at your workplace. It will even allow you to manage your recharges at home when the new JuiceBox comes out, specially designed for recharging at home.

You will be able to use it throughout the entire network of public Recharging Points distributed across Europe by taking advantage of interoperability alliances with the most important fast and ultra-fast recharging network operators in Europe. We will be there for you on your journey!

When searching for a Recharging Point, you can filter the results, for example, according to the type of connector in your vehicle or by the type of establishment you want to go to while recharging your car, such as a restaurant or supermarket.

We provide you at your home with the Endesa X RFID card so that you can link it to your user profile. Once connected, you can make your recharges in our points using this card as an alternative to the app. Very practical when the battery in your phone fails.

Although if you prefer, you will always have the possibility to make your recharges as an unregistered user, accessing our map of recharging points always updated and by simply providing a credit card each time you make a recharge.

If you have any problem while recharging or using the app, there is a free 24-hour customer service line. We don't leave you alone in front of the screen.  

You will be able to consult your recharge history and your consumption. The JuicePass application is constantly evolving to offer you more and more services and to update the new recharging points in real time.

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