At Endesa X, we have different models of collaboration so that you can participate, together with Endesa X, in the transformation of the electricity sector.


Endesa X was created to be a key element for leading the transformation of the electricity sector and electric mobility in Spain and Portugal. And, if you have a business, we encourage you to join our Deployment Plan to be part of the digital transformation.

The commitment to mobility, public recharging infrastructure and electric vehicles in Spain represent the main foundations for Endesa X due to a number of reasons:


In addition, Endesa X has begun to install public access recharge points in 2019 with the aim of deploying an industrial plan in Spain with more than 8,500 points by 2023.


In short, Endesa X's proposal for electric mobility can be summed up in these fundamental principles:

Market leadership

Global and local, thanks to more than 8 years of experience installing and managing recharging infrastructure in Spain, as well as a firm commitment to deploying the largest network of public access recharge points in the country.

Leading recharging technology solutions

Our own recharging technology designed by Endesa X (Equipment and System) is ranked TOP 3 in the world for this type of technology. 

User-friendly and excellent service

Providing and facilitating a unique service to the users of electric vehicles thanks to our app JuicePass and with the best customer service and of maintenance for all types of customers.

If you have a company and want to be part of our Deployment Plan, you should know that at Endesa X, we always adjust everything to your needs as a Partner. Therefore, we have designed several collaboration models so that, as a company, you can join our public infrastructure plan, always covering all your interests.