At Endesa X, we have different models of collaboration so that you can participate, together with Endesa X, in the transformation of the electricity sector.


At Endesa X, we want to lead the transformation of the electricity sector towards sustainable mobility in Spain and Portugal. We encourage governments to be part of the change and join our Deployment Plan for the public recharging infrastructure.

For Endesa X, there are several main foundations related to the commitment to mobility, public recharging infrastructure and electric vehicles.


Endesa X is firmly committed to deploying, together with its partners, a plan with more than 8500 public access recharge points by 2023.



The Public Administrations rely on Endesa X's commitment to electric mobility and the data that endorses the company:

Market leadership

Endesa X has 8 years of experience in installing the largest network of public access recharge points in the country.

User-friendly and excellent service

In our commitment to improving the accessibility of electric mobility for citizens, we created the JuicePass app through which users can manage the recharge of their electric vehicle.

At Endesa X, we are always adjusting to the needs of the Public Administration as a partner. Therefore, we have designed several collaboration models so that the Public Administration can join our public infrastructure plan, always covering all its interests.