Endesa X offers its smart recharging technology and expertise in electric mobility for the championships held in Spain to help develop new types of electric vehicle world championships: MotoE and FormulaE.

Dorna and the FIM (International Federation of Automobile Manufacturers) highlight the importance of this alliance with the Endesa X group, which they see as a strategic cornerstone for the development of this new type of racing, a necessary choice for a more sustainable future of development thanks to the birth of a competition dedicated to electric vehicles.

This collaboration of Endesa X was emphasised in the first electrifying edition of the 2019 MotoE championship, where the Italian pilot Matteo Ferrari was proclaimed world champion of this new competition modality and the Spanish team Avintia Esponsorama Racing was the winner at team level.

Endesa X, as an official recharging partner, has provided its smart recharging technology, advanced energy services, green energy and storage and technical support such as the "Fast Charge" service to the competing teams in the FIM Enel MotoE World CupTM, with specialised personnel deployed at the track. Furthermore, Endesa X, as a "Sustainable Energy Partner" of MotoGP™, has been collaborating with Dorna Sports by providing the MotoGP™ championship with advanced energy solutions, including those aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of the events in the competition.

The main purpose of Endesa X through this collaboration with Dorna is to show millions of spectators and motor sports enthusiasts around the world how electric mobility works and how the technology behind it is available to everyone, demonstrating that electric mobility already represents the present and not the future (Street to Race - Race to Street). Nonetheless, another goal no less important than that of raising awareness of electric mobility is to use competition as a laboratory for accelerating the evolution of technology and the continuous improvement of systems in the service of sustainable mobility.

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Formula E

Formula E

Endesa X provides the energy necessary for the correct functioning of the vehicles participating in the 5th FormulaE Championship.

Moto E

Moto E

Endesa X is supplying all the recharging infrastructure to provide renewable energy in the MotoE Championship.