Smart urban furniture with combined solutions

Smart urban furniture with combined solutions

The urban elements which transform the city

Street-level innovation

The digital transformation of our cities reaches the most basic elements, turning urban furniture into smart furniture, capable of multiplying its uses by incorporating the latest technologies and making life easier for citizens.

Options, such as our smart bench, Endesa X e-Bench, enable the integration of a wide variety of services in a single element, adding connectivity to the city's rest areas. On the other hand, lighting alternatives, such as Endesa X Cardio Pila, manage to bring lighting, USB charging points and a defibrillator at street level.

Endesa X e-Bench

The Endesa X smart bench adds great value to the city by allowing the integration of a wide variety of services into a single element.

Thanks to this connected bench, it is possible to access the network via Hot Spot Wi-Fi and to recharge devices such as smart phones and tablets using the USB ports located on both sides of the seat.

Furthermore, it can also be equipped with night lighting, environmental sensors, LCD screen, defibrillator and bike rack.

This smart bench can also be disconnected from the grid thanks to the photovoltaic panels integrated on the seat. Thus, it does not require infrastructure changes in the public spaces where it is installed and all utilities are solar powered. Moreover, its design is well adapted to the environment and is ready to render the city more functional and beautiful.

Endesa X Cardio Pila

Endesa X Cardio Pila is a smart and multifunctional urban furniture element: a column with LED light equipped with USB ports to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices and a cabinet for AED defibrillators.

Additionally, it may include a mini-station for charging electric bikes and can be configured for Wi-Fi connection.

A weatherproof and temperature-resistant solution which can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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