Juice solutions

Juice solutions

Our Juice product range

Connecting the environment and new technologies

At Endesa X, we have a range of Juice products to integrate the city' s elements with new and innovative forms of communication.

Shelter of Endesa X JuiceShelter

A new concept of bus shelter which becomes a smart or multifunctional area, where it is possible to insert cameras for video surveillance, USB sockets for recharging smart phones, sockets for recharging bicycles or electric scooters, screens for an information or an advertising point, integrated photovoltaic panels, wifi access point and so much more.

Endesa X JuicePark

This smart photovoltaic shelter for parking lots is used to electrically recharge vehicles, scooters, bicycles and is also suitable for public electric buses.

Endesa X JuiceBike

It is a comfortable and easy-to-use electrical bike sharing station.  It consists of an advertising totem and a rack for loading the bikes. It can become even greener, thanks to the integration of photovoltaic panels, and it can provide information to citizens and tourists with the inclusion of LED screens or information totems.

Endesa X JuiceMedia

A digital screen integrated directly into two charging stations. A solution combining information, communication, advertising, entertainment and electrical recharging. A winning choice to recreate a smart digital environment.

Endesa X JuiceLamp

A perfect example of a multi-functional lamppost combining state-of-the-art street lighting and two charging stations for electric vehicles. Find out more.

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