Remote control system of street lighting

Remote control system of street lighting

Remote control technologies to enlighten the city

The latest-generation street lighting

Endesa X presents a new breakthrough in street lighting: remote control solutions which will provide citizens with a better street lighting service and improve reliability and security, thus enabling a wide range of value-added services.

To achieve this, we have developed two different systems to remotely control and manage the status and parameters of the lighting system in an intelligent and sensitive way:

  • Independent remote control: it allows the supervision of the electrical distribution panelboard.
  • Point-to-point remote control: it allows the remote monitoring and management of each individual lamppost.

What are the advantages of the remote control system of street lighting?

These solutions are essential tools to manage and control systems in a reactive and intelligent way and to offer many significant advantages for the service manager:

  • Monitoring and diagnosis of actual energy consumption. For instance, for the request of White Certificates.
  • Detection of anomalies or inefficiencies
  • Remote fault management and restoration of power levels in remote point-to-point control solutions.
  • Enabling value-added services, such as adaptive lighting, video surveillance or environmental measurements, among others

System of Remote Control Room

The system of remote control Room of street lighting is composed of simple and intuitive screens which show and manage the light points and the data coming from them through a user interface. These screens have a set of different functionalities designed to help managers become familiar with their lighting system, control it and manage it more efficiently.

The purpose of the Control Room is also to provide an interconnected service to support and assist Public Administrations in their decision-making and management.

Among the different possibilities the system offers, the following can be found:

  • Consult a wide range of different data for each light point. For example: operating status, connectivity status, operating hours, angle and temperature readings, etc.
  • Turn the lights on, turn them off, or dim them.
  • Remote adjustment of functional parameters.
  • Definition of threshold levels for alarms and alerts.

All the functions they present allow data sharing, customisation of information dashboards, production of reports and access to multimedia content, thus enabling a wide range of useful services for the entire community.

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