Adaptative lighting systems

Adaptative lighting systems

The light which changes with the circumstances of the environment

The most advanced lighting system for cities

Endesa X is pushing the boundaries of street lighting by using the most innovative system available nowadays: adaptive lighting. A system which allows street lighting to be modified to suit actual traffic, weather and lighting conditions.

Either with sensors or with video cameras, the adaptative lighting system offers two different possibilities:

  • "TAI” (Traffic Adaptive Installation) mode, which means that the lighting is only adapted to the traffic conditions.
  • The "FAI” (Full Adaptive Installation) mode, which combines traffic, weather and ambient lighting readings to determine light setting requirements. 

What are the advantages of adaptative lighting?

These solutions are essential tools to manage and control systems in a reactive and intelligent way and to offer many significant advantages for the service manager:

  • Monitoring and diagnosis of actual energy consumption. For instance, for the request of White Certificates.
  • Detection of anomalies or inefficiencies
  • Remote fault management and restoration of power levels in remote point-to-point control solutions.
  • Enabling value-added services, such as adaptive lighting, video surveillance or environmental measurements, among others

System of Remote Control Room

Maximum energy savings

It reaches up to an additional 20 - 35% on existing LED light sources.

Optimum street lighting

Adaptive technology automatically regulates the brightness of street lights in response to weather and road conditions affecting visibility and traffic.

Cautious application of technology

Lighting is at its highest brightness in "sensitive" lighting areas (pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, etc.) to ensure that safety is a priority.

Other services

This technology provides us with the opportunity to establish new services such as surveillance and security.

Our solution of Digital Platform

In addition, Endesa X has developed a digital interface, within the IoT Platform, offering users a simple and flexible way to visualise, manage and process data and services.

Within the context of digital systems, adaptive technology includes platform solutions designed for remote control operations, with an added set of features.

 The functions of the control panel include:

  • Real-time monitoring of the status of the adaptative lighting units and sensors
  • Configuration of adaptive dimming parameters: light categories, parameters, levels, etc.
  • Display of data on traffic flows, light levels and weather
  • Reports on the operation of the installed technology: data on efficiency, energy savings, operating times and information on peaks in lighting demand related to events, etc.
  • Video surveillance of major roads to identify the registration numbers of vehicles breaching road and traffic regulations.

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