City Analytics, the study of the cities

City Analytics, the study of the cities

Big Data for efficient cities

Our solution for Smart Cities

In a world increasingly immersed in digital transformation, the challenge is to organise and manage the vast amount of data and information available to improve the city according to the real needs of citizens and Public Administrations.

City Analytics is Endesa X's solution for planning smart city services based on actual demand through the collection, study and systematic processing of Big Data.

Due to the monitoring of pedestrian and vehicular mobility flows, the estimation of the number of residents and tourists, together with the heat maps of the busiest areas of the city, City Analytics has become very useful for the Public Administration:

  • Make decisions about mobility and safety in case of events or periods of tourist influx.
  • Dynamically organise mobility on urban roads according to traffic.
  • Optimise the size and location of public services and infrastructures, including the definition of parking areas, the positioning of charging stations for electric vehicles or the management of waste collection.