Mobility and electric public transport

Mobility and electric public transport

We are bringing together all the benefits of electric public transport


Sustainability is also on the move

At Endesa X, we believe electric public transport plays a key role in our transformation towards sustainable cities, something affecting both the public and private spheres.

Thanks to our pioneering experience and substantial investments in electric urban mobility around the world, at Endesa X, we can offer integrated ecological transport solutions for Public Administrations.

Our main project: to help institutions and market operators to revolutionise the concept of urban transport by taking advantage of the transition to electric buses.

What are its advantages?

  • Improvement of air quality in urban environments, reducing CO2 emissions to zero.
  • Reduction of urban noise pollution.
  • Lower operating costs compared to combustion technologies, with lower maintenance costs and economic advantages compared to the use of imported fuels with savings of up to 70% in consumption.
  • Incorporation of a more comfortable and wider public service.

Our offer

Endesa X's offer is flexible, complete and ranges from the design, to accurately and efficiently identify the characteristics of the electrical transition project, to the installation and management of the electrical recharging infrastructure. It can include battery electricity storage systems, recharging stations, supply of electricity from renewable sources, management and optimisation of the fleet consumption... And all thanks to the use of innovative energy management techniques, such as smartcharging, and demand management.

In addition, thanks to our alliances with other key companies, such as electric bus manufacturers, the solution may be provided on a turnkey basis, thus including the supply, financing and maintenance of the vehicle fleet. This allows Public Administrations to benefit from an innovative and sustainable service, with limited impact on investment needs and efficient and optimised management.



Endesa X's innovative "charging-as-a-service” initiative for electric buses offers a wide range of benefits: from removing economic barriers to simplifying the service.

How does it work?

Endesa X accepts to bear all the investment in the deployment of the most optimal necessary recharging infrastructure, as decided by the transport operator, and all the associated costs for the maintenance of this infrastructure are included. Afterwards, all the costs associated with each kWh of electricity supplied for  its charging is passed on.

This means that service operators do not need to make any initial investment or take on the complex task of getting the infrastructure up and running, they can simply use the charging stations and concentrate their resources on providing a more efficient and comfortable service.

This business model also optimises investments, charging fees and public land use, sharing the use of infrastructure with other public services and/or private vehicles.

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