Architectural lighting systems

Architectural lighting systems

Artistic and architectural heritage lighting


We light up the beauty

Every city, no matter how big or small, has its own valuable artistic and architectural heritage. At Endesa X, we believe this legacy must be preserved and valued in order to protect and enhance the beauty of our local areas in a simple but incredibly effective way: architectural lighting.

A new light which not only shows the best of the city, but also helps to create a new appearance, transforming urban spaces, injecting new life into undervalued areas, boosting cultural and tourist development and creating new energy for the urban ecosystem.

All this with a constant focus on new technologies and energy efficiency through interventions which facilitate energy savings of up to 70 %.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the architectural artistic lighting sector and more than 1,500 artistic and architectural lighting projects successfully accomplished all over the world. 

Our mission

Light as a complement

Maximise visual comfort through optimal colour resolution and improved functionality of lighted spaces.

Expertise and innovation

Identify the best technical proposal in terms of product, fully respecting the surrounding architectural context.

High quality design

Integrate the solutions with their contexts and structural elements, from socialising areas to collective functions, from ecological systems to pieces of furniture, including systems conceived and designed on a customised basis.


Endesa X lighting designers can work their magic anywhere in the city; they can rely on a wide portfolio of flexible solutions developed to meet every need and to adapt to all types of context.

Endesa X does not limit itself to the creation of permanent projects, but it also develops temporary lighting designs to add beauty or impact to special initiatives: from campaigns promoting specific issues to celebrations of festive occasions.

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