Air quality control equipment

Air quality control equipment

How can the risk of spreading Covid-19 be reduced? Thanks to the Endesa X Air Quality solution you can control the quality of indoor air and manage air conditioning remotely, thus limiting the risk of contagion of Covid-19 and safeguarding the health of employees, clients and suppliers.


What do air conditioning systems have to do with the spread of COVID-19?

The state of alarm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has placed the focus on the safety of air conditioning systems regarding the risk of contagion in closed spaces. 

Aerosol transmission is in fact the only method of transmission related to air conditioning systems; namely, regarding indoor air recirculation systems which may present a spread vector for the pathogen. The risk of contagion can be reduced through a thorough control of air quality in occupied spaces. 

What impact does the health emergency have on the control of the air we breathe in the places we frequent in our daily life, from the workplace to supermarkets?

What can we do to reduce the risk of contagion in these environments? What safety measures do citizens expect in enclosed spaces?

Both the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, as well as the most important associations in the air conditioning sector (REHVA and AICARR) have defined some management guidelines with the purpose of reducing the risk of spreading the virus in closed spaces. Among the most important recommendations are the elimination or limitation of air recirculation, increasing the supply of outside air and constantly monitoring CO2 levels. All these are actions that, on the face of it, lead to an increase in energy consumption. 

The following image shows the trend over time regarding the risk of infection in the 8 hours an infected person stays, according to the ventilation rate. Source: AICARR. 

How can companies guarantee maximum safety for customers and employees while minimising energy consumption? 

Endesa X’s solutions allow you to control air quality in closed spaces and manage air conditioning remotely using specialised equipment and systems, ensuring compliance with guidelines regarding the use of air conditioning systems and safeguarding the health of employees, customers and suppliers. 

Endesa X’s AIR QUALITY solution is offered in different versions that allow for everything from air quality monitoring to capacity controls and/or ventilation and air conditioning management 

The Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution includes the following elements: 

  • Monitoring Fiscal Energy Auditor 
  • Indoor environmental probe to monitor air quality parameters: temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration
  • Gateway and router, to send data to the Endesa X cloud platform.

The monthly subscription includes access to our SGE monitoring service which allows you to: 

  • View the air quality values inside the room in a personalised report, for a clear and immediate interpretation of the air quality by both the managers and the business clients.
  • Receive alerts when a safety threshold is exceeded (in ppm of CO2), which indicates the occupancy rate of the space
  • Monitor and analyse consumption related to the air conditioning system.
  • Monitor and analyse consumption related to the air conditioning system (if it is equipped with telemetry)

Thanks to the customisable dashboard, the air quality score is displayed, allowing the customer to be aware of it and proceed safely with their purchase while on the premises. 


The Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Capacity Control Solution includes the following additional elements for capacity control:

  • • ENTRANCE and EXIT People Counting Kit (bidirectional)

This Kit allows you to have control over the capacity of the premises and displaying said capacity in the screens the business wishes, having an effective control therein.

Lastly, in addition to the previous solutions, the third step of the solution  includes the management of the ventilation systems following the recommendations to reduce the risk of contagion of Covid-19 thanks to the possibility of: 

  • Managing the early switching on and off of the ventilation systems, reducing ventilation rates in the absence of occupation (i.e. at night).Ajustar, si el sistema lo permite, el caudal de aire exterior de acuerdo con la concentración interior de CO2
  • Adjusting, if the systems allows it, the flow of outside air according to indoor CO2 levels.
  • Anticipating actions in the field within the range of tolerance, allowing for a significant consumption reduction when compared to manual regulation with a fixed nominal flow rate. 

The Endesa X AirQuality service combines the Energy Management Service (EMS) and the Endesa X Comfort Management Solution to offer an innovative remote management solution for air conditioning systems, capable of combining comfort and air quality with reduced energy consumption.

The solution is comprised by an IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure which centralises all the parameters to be controlled in the cloud: temperature, humidity, CO2, and energy consumption, among others. In this way, the company can better respond to its different needs:

  1. Monitoring of air quality and all relevant comfort parameters.
  2. Real-time adaptation of the plant’s operating conditions to the variant of occupational conditions in the environments, through the dynamic control of external and internal forecast variables.
  3. Sending of alerts related to anomalies in environmental parameters and energy consumption.
  4. Monitoring of equipment parameters to facilitate a predictive maintenance strategy (filter obstruction, etc.).
  5. Reduction of energy consumption through optimisation algorithms. 

How Endesa X Air Quality allows companies to safeguard the health of customers, employees, and suppliers:

  • By giving customers and employees visibility of information needed to guarantee air quality within each environment.
  • By adapting the plant operational management to the requirements of the sector associations and government recommendations.
  • By providing real-time visibility regarding the occupancy status of the facilities, to allow maximum rationalisation of available spaces. 

In addition to making it possible to follow the guidelines against the spread of COVID-19, the Endesa X AIR QUALITY solution also makes it viable to reduce additional consumption related to the operation of air-conditioning equipment.

If you have chosen to take the third step of Air Quality based on the Comfort Management solution, said solution will allow for an even greater consumption reduction when the emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.