Circularity and companies

The circular economy is one of the main principles on which Endesa X has based its new range of solutions for any business sector. To do so, we have established a double commitment:

  • Circular Economy Boosting Programmes

We bring our solutions under the microscope of the circular economy in companies and analyse them using the five principles of the circularity model in order to improve them and ensure that we offer the market a range which is as circular as possible.


  • Circularity report for companies

We provide companies with practical support on their way to circularity, offering an assessment tool which analyses the company (building, facilities, etc...) and points out and focuses on areas for improvement. Once we have marked the way forward, we make available to our business clients the improvements needed to achieve energy efficiency and savings in their annual turnover.



The Endesa X Circular Economy Score  has become the starting point for our Circular Economy Boosting Programme. 

To calculate the score of our solutions, this new method measures the circularity level of our solutions by combining the five Circular Economy business models with (sustainability of resources, product as a service, sharing platforms, product life cycle extension, recovery and recycling) with Endesa X’s five key dimensions:

  1. Commitment by suppliers to comply with the principles of the Circular Economy during production.

  2. The presence of reusable elements which facilitate the circular consumption model, increasing the life cycle of the product.

  3. Dissemination of best practices to boost the efficiency of use of resources.

  4. Product end of life management using innovative and sustainable methods which foster the reuse of materials.

  5. Supporting the development of environmental awareness by involving suppliers in virtuous mechanisms. 

Therefore, the results are expressed in 5 levels:


  • Level 1 - Range 0 - 20 

    The solution includes marginal components of the Circular Economy.

  • Level 2 - Range 20 - 40

    The solution is characterised by a partial use of renewable materials and a preliminary integration of Circular Economy principles in supplying the service.

  • Level 3 - Range 40 - 60

    The solution ensures more sustainable methods, including during the phases of product consumption and recovery. The principles of Circular Economy are also present – albeit partially – in the way in which the service is provided.

  • Level 4 - Range 60 - 80

    The solution ensures the use of almost totally renewable raw materials in the production process, together with an integration of the principles of Circular Economy into the way the service is provided. 

  • Level 5 - Range 80 - 100

    The solution is characterised by products and services with high standards of circularity for the majority of the pillars and dimensions under analysis.

This assessment of Endesa X solutions not only reinforces the circularity level of our individual solutions, but it is also a transparency instrument for our clients who can more easily recognise the elements of sustainability when comparing the different solutions offered.



At Endesa X we create different Circular Economy Reports for Companies, identifying your current level of circularity and proposing a roadmap of innovative solutions in order to boost it.



  • Circular Economy assessment in companies

    A qualitative analysis of the level of application and dissemination of the principles of the circular economy related to the energy of companies, taking into account the multiple responsibilities involved in the management of their real estate assets and management policies.

    For this assessment, at Endesa X  we have developed a model which allows you to consider the different components individually and assess their potential in each context.


  • Circular Economy Assessment

    This is a quantitative analysis of the level of application and dissemination of the principles of the circular economy of energy source and consumption in a company and can be applied to all types of companies in any sector.

    It is focused on electrical and thermal energy sources (in terms of consumption and generation), energy use efficiency and energy management practices. It highlights the strengths of each of the areas analysed, as well as the room for improvement and the relative quantitative contribution of the latter to increasing performance.   

    Then, the answers to a series of questions calibrated for applicability are scored and used to calculate the company's or a business group's energy circular economic score. 




At Endesa X we have a portfolio of more than 20 products ranging from consulting to distributed energy generation using renewable sources. 

To implement them, we designed a roadmap capable of boosting business circularity levels by adopting a specific selection of our most appropriate business solutions.

This way, the levels of circularity can be boosted to reach 100% circularity.  Additionally, by performing a sensitivity assessment of the circular energy economy, we can calculate the percentage score increase based on the number of innovative solutions which can be integrated. 




At Endesa X we imagine how the energy efficient companies of the future will be: zero waste, widely available renewable energy, resources operating at maximum capacity, technologies facilitating activities of all kinds, resilience ensuring security for all, and economic growth. In other words, a "circular company". 

In the circular companies of the future, the electricity network is intelligent and has renewable generation with charging points and storage systems for homes and companies.